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8 keys to eliminating passive-aggressiveness

Brandt, Andrea
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Many people often say yes to something when they'd rather say no. They offer cooperation through words but follow up with how they really feel-in actions that contradict their words. That's passive-aggression. At its heart, passive-aggression is about being untrue to oneself, which makes it impossible to have a clean relationship with others. Passive-aggression as a communication method doesnt make someone bad. It is simply a strategy learned in childhood as a coping mechanism, a hard-to-break habit. Changing passive-aggressive behavior requires knowledge, tools, and practice, as outlined here. The book offers effective methods for transforming passive-aggression into healthy assertiveness to communicate in constructive ways through eight keys: Recognize Your Hidden Anger; Reconnect Your Emotions to Your Thoughts; Listen to Your Body; Set Healthy Boundaries; Communicate Assertively; Interact Using Mindfulness; Disable the Enabler; and Problem-Solve for Better Outcomes. Hands-on exercises are featured, enabling readers to better understand themselves.
Main title:
8 keys to eliminating passive-aggressiveness / Andrea Brandt ; foreword by Babette Rothschild.
First edition.
New York W.W. Norton & Company, [2013].
xxx, 192 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction : understanding passive-aggressiveness and how it's harming you -- Recognize your hidden anger -- Reconnect your emotions to your thoughts -- Listen to your body -- Set healthy boundaries -- Communicate assertively -- Reframe conflict -- Interact using mindfulness -- Disable the enabler -- Afterword.
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