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Coal Creek

Miller, Alex, 1936-2013
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Bobby Blue is caught between loyalty to his only friend, Ben Tobin, and his boss, Daniel Collins, the new constable at Mount Hay. Bobby understands the people and the ways of Mount Hay -- Collins studies the country as an archaeologist might, bringing his coastal values to the hinterland. Increasingly bewildered and goaded to action by his wife, Constable Collins takes up his shotgun and his Webley pistol to deal with Ben. Bobby's love for Collins' wilful young daughter Irie is exposed, leading to tragic consequences for them all. Miller's exquisite depictions of the country of the Queensland highlands form the background of this simply told but deeply significant novel of friendship, love, loyalty and the tragic consequences of misunderstanding and mistrust. This book is a wonderfully satisfying novel with a gratifying resolution. It carries all the wisdom and emotional depth.
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Coal Creek / Alex Miller.
Sydney : Allen & Unwin, 2013.Sydney Allen & Unwin, 2013.© 2013
292 pages ; 21 cm.
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