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The lost letters of Rose Carey

Bennett, Julie M2024
Books, Manuscripts
Blue Mountains, 2023: Working on a documentary at the historic Carrington Hotel, videographer Emma Quinn rescues a box of vintage film reels destined for landfill. Emma finds a series of handwritten letters hidden beneath the reels that seem to belong to Rose Carey, golden girl of the silent film era. Intrigued, Emma is fascinated by what she uncovers and becomes increasingly obsessed with Rose's story, at the heart of which lies a deadly secret. Sydney, 1923: Rose Carey knows her glittering Hollywood days are numbered after a near-death experience following the filming of her latest epic. Rose throws herself into planning a spectacular production that will take the world by storm. But when she suffers another life-threatening accident, Rose realises that someone close to her wants her out of the way. Who in her close-knit circle has the most to gain? Can she trust anyone, other than herself?Review: "Part mystery, part love story, this dazzling novel completely captivated me!"--Jillian Cantor.
Main title:
London, England : Simon & Schuster, 2024.
361 pages ; 24 cm.
9781760858551 (paperback)
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