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Clive Cussler's the heist

Du Brul, Jack B.2024
Books, Manuscripts
Washington D.C., 1914: President Woodrow Wilson is celebrating aboard his yacht, Mayflower, with the branch leaders of the newly created Federal Reserve. For Van Dorn agent, Detective Isaac Bell, few events could be duller. Until he notices the aeroplane flying dangerously low. Thwarting this aerial attack on the President and financial leaders, Bell soon learns that the strike was just the opening of an even deadlier gambit. It's up to Bell to find the link between the attack, the mysterious death of a Newport heiress, and growing evidence of an unimaginably audacious heist: to steal a billion dollars from the country's new and most secure banking system. Double-cross and betrayal are Bell's stock and trade, but this time, the deeper he delves into the puzzle, the less he seems to understand. He is in a race against his most ruthless opponents yet, to prevent a financial panic that would bring the United States to its knees.
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