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Backup is Three Hours Away [paperback]

Tregellas, Mark2024
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Embark on a gripping adventure with Mark 'Trigger' Tregellas in�Backup is Three Hours Away,�a true crime memoir chronicling nearly three decades of policing Victoria's remote coastal region. Trigger never knew what each shift would bring ? tragedy, laughter, adventure, danger ? sometimes all on the same day. Trigger's personal journey, fuelled by a thirst for adventure and special forces training, led him to the frontline of policing. He faced life-threatening situations and earned commendation for his exceptional and courageous service, recognition that came at a personal cost. Through Trigger?s career he sustained severe injuries, including a broken spine, a gunshot wound to the face and PTSD. Trigger delves into encounters with peril, unexpected twists, and heartbreaking moments, shedding light on the motivations that drive officers to willingly confront the unknown. Despite the physical and mental toll, his story is one of triumph, showcasing a resilient mindset honed through exhaustive training and the overcoming of life's challenges, including a brush with cancer. Backup is Three Hours Away�is a genuine portrayal of policing, from the unpredictable and humorous moments, to heart-wrenching tragedy. Trigger's narrative transcends the typical law enforcement tale, revealing indomitable human spirit and resilience ? a powerful and inspirational testament to the highs and lows of a career dedicated to service.
05 June 2024
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