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Some shall break

Marney, Ellie2023
Books, Manuscripts
"September, 1982: Three months after the showdown with Simon Gutmunsson in St Elizabeths Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Emma Lewis has retreated to college life in Ohio, and the support of her family and her therapist. But Emma has a unique gift for hunting killers, and the FBI wants her back. Travis Bell is on track to make a career in law enforcement. But the FBI unit's latest case is testing all his skills, and in Emma's absence, Travis has accepted help from Kristin Gutmunsson, Simon's eccentric twin sister, to track a dangerous new target. When evidence points to the traumatic Daniel Huxton case from Emma's past, the FBI decides to put her into protective custody. Compelled to prevent more tragedy, Emma reaches out once more to Simon Gutmunsson to save the copycat's next victims but as always, Simon knows more than he's telling. Can Emma and Travis conquer a killer in the most horrifying situation they've ever faced?" -- Back cover.
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