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Standing in the shadow : three novellas

Corris, Peter, 1942-2013
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My hands tremble as I close the faded, dog-eared manuscript inside the battered manila folder. Every instinct tells me that here at last is the big one.' But all is not as it seems in the half-tonal worlds of the literary agent in The Illusionist, the Vietnam draft dodger in Conscription, or the wrestler in Tag-team... Standing in the Shadow explores the sexual underside of life in Sydney. 'These long stories have an effortless readability ... they show a bracing command of the range of human feeling, an alert sympathy to the kinship, under the skin, of every form of erotic itch and a fictional virtuosity in the range of sympathies evoked. The prose is expert, the dialogue is 'overheard' and there is, almost incidentally, a superb command of the nuances and differences of history in this record of human desire ...
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North Melbourne, Vic. : Arcadia, ©2013.North Melbourne, Vic. Arcadia, 2013.©2013
206 pages ; 24 cm.
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Cover and design by Sarah Anderson.Includes bibliographical references.
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