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Creely, Amanda2024
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War takes our names from us and turns us into numbers. The number displaced. The number imprisoned. The number tortured. The number dead. The country has been swarmed by the Invader and his army, the Pack. The city is under siege. Many have fled, while others have stayed to defend their country. Many more have died. Teller's family has been brutally murdered by the Pack. Only she and Daughter remain. They leave their city behind and seek refuge in a resistance cell. Here they gather with other survivors who are determined to overthrow the Invader. But will they ever be strong enough to claim back their city? Their country? Their lives? A journey through love, grief and, ultimately, hope. Amanda Creely's tale sheds light on shared human experiences of war and remembers the nameless victims. Shortlisted for the Dorothy Hewett Award, Nameless explores love in all its forms and the importance of storytelling in its capacity to both teach and heal.
Main title:
Nameless / Amanda Creely.
Crawley, Western Australia : UWA Publishing, 2024.
314 pages ; 24 cm.
9781760802738 (paperback)
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