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Heart of the river

Adnams, Cheryl2024
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Mildura, Northern Victoria - 1956. Isabel Hayward has ambitions of being a great chef. But cooking for the locals at the country pub she and her mother run doesn't really allow for experimenting with haute cuisine.When she meets local Italian farmer Matteo Sorrenti, their connection is instant and intense - much to the displeasure of Ross Burrows, one of the region's wealthiest sons, who has been keen on Isabel since they were kids. Isabel and Matteo's blossoming relationship has challenges to overcome: their cultural differences, prejudice, Ross's jealousy, and the worst flood in Australia's history. As the Murray River rises to its peak, threatening the Sorrentis' farm and the Haywards' pub, secrets are revealed that show Matteo, Isabel and Ross are inextricably linked by their fathers' wartime experiences. Will the secrets their fathers kept threaten Isabel and Matteo's relationship? Or can their love break down the remnants of prejudice left behind by the war?
Main title:
Heart of the river / Cheryl Adnams.
Sydney, NSW : HQ Fiction, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises (Australia), 2024.
327 pages ; 24cm.
"As floodwaters rise, can their love bring a community together?" -- Front cover.
9781867242000 (paperback)
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