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The art of belonging

Ray, Eleanor2024
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Grace's life is perfectly fine, thank you very much. A widow of seventy-two, she lives quietly, and although hearing a little more from her daughter and granddaughter would be nice, she has her health, her friends, her octogenarian yoga (however reluctantly attended) and most of all her weekly club where she creates exquisite, miniature train sets. However, when her estranged daughter rings her in shock, about to lose her home, Grace invites Amelia and her daughter Charlotte to live with her. With them, they bring all the messy, complicated feelings from the past, and the more Grace gets to know her granddaughter Charlotte, the more she adores her. As Charlotte enlists her help to solve a mystery at school, the small family begin to find each other again. Grace is about to discover that although opening her heart again may be painful, in the end it's the only thing that makes life worth living .
Main title:
The art of belonging / Eleanor Ray.
Ray, Eleanor, author
London : Piatkus, [2024].©2024
339 pages ; 23 cm.
9780349427454 (paperback)
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