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The Smoke in Our Eyes: A Novel [hardback]

Grady, James2024
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"An action-filled coming of age novel about love, vengeance, corruption, and justice by the acclaimed author of Six Days of the Condor. ""Grady's style is loose, colorful, challenging and fun. I sometimes thought of Orwell?s novel 1984, sometimes of the Dylan song 'Desolation Row.'""?Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post ""Grady is a master of intrigue.""?John Grisham Set in 1959, the ""year the music died,"" The Smoke in Our Eyes is a cinematic, clock-ticking saga set in a small Montana town. When a fatal car accident shatters ten-year-old Lucas's world, he finds himself confronting crime and vengeance, humor and heroism, all against the backdrop of growing up. Alongside the tightly written drama of Lucas and his family, Grady, author of the classic ""Condor"" series, evokes a heady mood and sense of place. From the Space Race and the first warnings of global climate change, to the brutal racism of segregation and the hope of a new generation to move us forward, The Smoke in Our Eyes is a fresh rending of rural noir that captures both an intimate story and the volitility of mid-century America."
28 March 2024
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