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The last kind words : a novel

Piccirilli, Tom2011
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Raised in a clan of small-time thieves and grifters, Terrier Rand decided to cut free from them and go straight after his older brother, Collie, went on a killing spree that left an entire family and several others dead. Five years later, only days before his scheduled execution, Collie contacts Terry and asks him to return home. He claims he wasn't responsible for one of the murders--and insists that the real killer is still on the loose. Uncertain whether his brother is telling the truth, and dogged by his own regrets, Terry is drawn back into the activities of his family: His father, Pinsch, who once made a living as a cat burglar but retired after the heartbreak caused by his two sons. His cardsharp uncles, Mal and Grey, who've recently incurred the anger of the local mob. His grandfather, Old Shep, who has Alzheimer's but is still a first-rate pickpocket. His teenage sister, Dale, who's flirting with the lure of the criminal world. And Kimmy, the fiancee he abandoned, who's now raising a child with his former best friend. As Terry starts to investigate what really happened on the day of Collie's crime spree, will the truth he uncovers about their secrets tear the Rands apart?
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1st ed.
New York : Bantam Books, c2011.
320 p. ; 25 cm.
9780553592481 (hbk)9780345542366
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