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The Story of Witches [electronic resource]

Witches and witchcraft are everywhere in the modern world—from pop culture to book stores, universities to protest marches. But, for many, what is known about witches is still rooted in the past. Being labelled a witch in the earliest days of the North American colonies was to be persecuted, prejudiced and—in many cases—killed. Why? To those making accusations at the time, it was for being evil and in cahoots with the devil. In hindsight, research suggests it may have been for looking and acting differently, for following practices influenced by non Anglo-European cultures, or simply for being a woman. Out of that troublesome history, witchcraft did not disappear. Instead, it survived, evolved, and even flourished as a mainstream idea that encompasses so much more than cartoon figures with broomsticks and pointy black hats. This is the story of witches: a phenomenon with roots that extend all over the world, and practitioners who live by a code that encourages good deeds, fair treatment, and living in accordance with rules and standards that are at one with nature.
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The Story of Witches
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