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Ethics 101 conversations to have with your kids

Parker, Michael2012
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Would you rather your child was smart or good? Your immediate answer was probably 'both'. But what if you couldn't have both? What if you could have a child who was good but not particularly smart, or a child who was smart, but not particularly good? Which one then? Many homes and almost all schools spend a great deal of time academically developing their children. This is a good thing. Yet I think it is at least as important for us to all think consciously about how we ethically develop the next generation to be decent members of society. This development already bubbles under the surface in homes and schools, but we can make this development break through the surface and become explicit. This can be done with lots of curly problems, lots of the wisdom of the ages and lots of independent thinking. All of which this book serves up. ETHICS 101 is of a 'flip-book' design, with content for adults starting at one end, and content for children starting at the other.
Edgecliff, N.S.W. : Jane Curry Publishing, 2012.
233, 7 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.
Book flips to section "Ethics 101 conversations to have with your parents".
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