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Taggart's Crossing

Bedford, Paul, (Western fiction writer)2017
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John Taggart and Jacob Stuckey are Civil War veterans who operate a ferry on the mighty Arkansas River. When two drifters pick on Jacob, Taggart ruthlessly disarms them and sends them on their way vowing revenge. But there is more trouble to come. Russ Decker and his gang steal a fortune in gold 'Double Eagles' from a bank in Wichita. Their escape route into the Indian Territories takes them by way of the ferry crossing. With a posse of Pinkerton Agents on their trail, he decides to stop the pursuit by putting John and Jacob out of business...permanently. Unknown to Decker and his men, a Deputy U S Marshal also has his sights on them, but the lawman first has to deliver a particularly unpleasant prisoner to Fort Smith. In addition to all of this, fate decrees that a keelboat full of stolen silver ore will arrive at Taggart's Crossing just at the right moment to create maximum havoc.
Main title:
Taggart's Crossing / Paul Bedford.
Ramsbury, [England] Robert Hale, 2017.
160 pages ; 20 cm.
Series title:
9780719821561 (hardback)0719821568 (hardback)
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