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A narrow trajectory

Martin, Faith2016
Books, Manuscripts
Ex-DI Hillary Greene has been handed a tall order : she's to reopen all the missing persons cases for a group of young women, in an attempt to help Det. Chief Superintendent Steven Crayle bring down one of Thames Valley's most wanted. This will also help one of the members of her team, Jake Barnes, finally get some answers about his long-lost sister, Jasmine. But things won't be easy. Hillary's lover, Steven Crayle, is finally leaving the Crime Review Team; she has to 'break in' her new boss, Roland 'Rollo' Sale. And young Wendy Turnbull, another member of Hillary's team, finds the life led by vulnerable young women forced onto the street almost too hard to handle. As if all that wasn't enough, Hillary has the knife-wielding lieutenant of the local crime boss to contend with, and an insane S&M madam who gives her a severe case of the creeps. And - oh yes - she has to finally take the plunge and leave her old life, and her beloved narrowboat behind, and move into her new home, doing something that she had vowed never to do again: trust a man with her heart.
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