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A woman of courage

Fletcher, John, 1934-2016
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A rags to riches story of a woman of indomitable spirit and of the passionate love that moulds and ultimately changes her life...Fighting her way from humble beginnings in a foster home to CEO of her own highly respected international company hasn't been easy for Hilary Brand. Even after she seems to have reached the top, troubles abound: her business in China, always fraught with problems, is in peril; and her arch-nemesis Haskins Gould -- once her closest business associate, but now her greatest enemy -- is gaining traction in his unceasing determination to destroy all she has created. Hilary's two daughters -- unhappy trophy wife Jennifer and brilliant but troubled journalist Sara -- also traverse the joys and terrors of love as they try to tread their own paths in the shadow of such a powerful woman. From the vastness of Western Australia to glittering Sydney and the teeming streets of Hong Kong and Singapore, this is a story of contrasting loves and of a woman of fierce determination...a woman of courage.
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A woman of courage / J.H. Fletcher.
First Australian paperback edition.
Sydney : Harlequin Enterprises Australia, 2016.Sydney, NSW Harlequin Mira, 2016.©2016
434 pages ; 24 cm.
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