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Clothing on figures : how to draw folds, fabrics and drapery

Civardi, Giovanni2015
Books, Manuscripts
Tunbridge Wells, Kent Search Press, 2015.
64 pages : illustrations ; 30 cm.
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"In figurative art, sketching the clothed figure requires a detailed study of the folds of the garment and the way in which fabrics sit in relation to the movement of the human body. In this book, Giovanni Civardi shares his expert advice on how to draw clothing on human figures exploring lighting, perspective and the composition of fabric on the human body. Train yourself to see not just the body, but what surrounds it by using the techniques of chiaroscuro and by observing the tonal characteristics of the fabric texture. This inspirational and easy-to-follow guide will suit beginners as well as more expert artists providing a comprehensive overview of the techniques including advice and suggestions for the practical aspects of drawing from life. Includes: Expert techniques and instruction from world renowned life drawer Giovanni Civardi; Easy-to-follow guides and accompanying sketches for every technique; Includes a fantastic variety of inspirational drawings from the artist" from Italian by Burravoe Translation Services.
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