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Old Man's story : the last thoughts of Kakadu Elder Bill Neidjie

Neidjie, Bill, 1913-20022015
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Known as 'Old Man' in this book, but often called 'Big Bill Neidjie' throughout his life because of his imposing height and strength, Bill Neidjie wanted to record aspects of his life for a younger generation of Gagadju, to help them look after their country and remember its stories - and for balanda, non-Aboriginal people. Told in the Old Man's words, this beautifully nuanced, impressionistic account allows Neidjie to gently emphasise the issues of importance to him. 'Old Man's story' has a very personal inflection with Neidjie's words complemented by Lang's beautiful landscape photos. Structured in the cycle of the seasons, 'Old Man's story' provides readers with insights into the annual trans-formations of landscape that are so integral to Neidjie's life story. 'Old Man's story' contains many tales of growing up on country. Neidjie always emphasised his passion for the land and the significance of traditional practices, hoping that culture would flourish and be passed on. The book is a powerful contribution to the history of northern Australia told by an iconic figure. Bill Neidjie is perhaps best known for being central to the opening up of his land which led to the creation of the world-heritage listed Kakadu National Park and for recommending it be leased to the Commonwealth Government for it to be managed as a resource for all Australians. Includes tales about many aspects of Aboriginal life and culture. Recognising that he was the last remaining speaker of Gaagudju language, Neidjie broke with tradition and committed his knowledge to print. This is his third book. His key message in this book - one for all Australians, not just Aboriginal people, is: "You look after country...Country he look after you".
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Old Man's story : the last thoughts of Kakadu Elder Bill Neidjie / Bill Neidjie as told to Mark Lang ; photographs by Mark Lang.
Canberra, ACT Aboriginal Studies Press, 2015.©2015
xxi, 200 pages : colour illustrations, 1 colour map, 3 black and white portraits ; 23 cm.
Library's NL (pbk) copy signed and inscribed by Nova Peris and Mark Lang, 9 September 2015.
Machine generated contents note: The First Story -- The Dry Season -- The Wet Season.
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