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Remain Silent [paperback]

Gigl, Robyn2024
Books, Manuscripts
Erin McCabe's years as a criminal defence attorney have prepared her for almost anything - except for being on the opposite side of the interrogation table. A new client - a successful financial advisor - has been found stabbed to death on the beach near his palatial Jersey Shore home. Unfortunately, the time of death is estimated to be during Erin's one and only consultation with him. As the last person to see him alive, Erin is now the prime suspect. While the investigation unfolds, Erin and Duane are called on to represent a mother charged with abducting her child, a hot-button case that has both private and public implications for Erin. As she battles one prosecutor who wants to see her charged with murder and another determined to send her to jail for refusing to divulge her client's location, Erin also faces a devastating family tragedy. With not only her career on the line, but also her personal relationships and her freedom, the stakes have never been higher.
17 April 2024
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